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Yummy Sandwich

Puree roasted red bell pepper (splash in some of the packing liquid [i.e. vinegar/olive oil/whatever]).

Spread pepper puree on one half of a fresh roll.

Top puree with portabella mushroom*.

Top that with some sliced, roasted eggplant/zucchini/onions.

Slap on some sliced smoked white cheese (fontana, mozzarella, whatever).

Warm briefly in the oven.


*Mushroom (and other veggies)= clean, chop off stem, toss with olive oil/balsamic vinegar/worcestershire (sp?) sauce/salt n pep. I also sprinkled on some Montreal seasoning because I love that stuff on everything. Throw the veggies on a pan & roast in the oven until warm, soft, and lightly browned. We've also done these veggies on the grill. Whatever.
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Minus the mushroom, that sounds delish!
You aren't a big mushroom fan?

I made some with grilled chicken (and bacon) and those were yummy too. Everything is good with bacon.
No, I don't eat mushrooms. They eek me ought.

Everything is good with bacon, I agree. My hips and ass agree as well. Heh.
At work I cooked pans and pans of bacon today and ate A LOT of it. A LOT. It was that thick cut peppered stuff. Yum. We seldom have bacon at home & when we do, it's turkey bacon (not the same).
Yeah, I buy turkey bacon here as well. It is alright but not the same. I was surprised that the Morningstar Farms fake bacon tasted pretty close to bacon. I think I like it better than the turkey bacon...well, they are different tastes, they each have an appeal.

Nothing is like good old bad for you real bacon slabs though.