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My son the chef.

I just want to note that my son made dessert last night. :) He made a fruit tart. He was pretty darn cute about the whole thing.

Spread bottom of pre-made graham cracker crust with a couple of spoonfuls of jam (he used raspberry). Make a package of pudding & follow the pudding pie recipe on the box (he made sugar-free lemon and added some orange zest). Spread the pudding on top of the jam. Put fruit on top (he added banana, drained canned peaches, raspberries, and blackberries). We didn't have any strawberries or blueberries, or he would have used those as well.

Notes: Canned peaches tasted much better than I thought they would. Make sure the crust is fresh. Fresh berries are better than frozen (juice factor).

This recipe is not gourmet cooking, but it worked for an 11 year old and pleased a group of adults.
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